Bytronics, Inc., is a software development firm based in Rochester, New York. Founded in 1988, our mission is to provide innovative ways for pipeline companies, contract locators, utility companies, and municipalities to handle their ticket volumes quickly, easily, and affordably. Our signature offering DigTrack was released in 2000—the industry’s first web-based One Call Ticket Management System dedicated to providing powerful, innovative damage-prevention capabilities for customers across the country. Bytronics continues to lead the market in ticket management solutions and is constantly adopting the latest technology to bring even more benefits to our customers—whatever the job, whenever you need it.


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A Brief History of the One Call Industry and DigTrack

In the early days of the 811 One Call Industry, ticket information was distributed via fax, modems, and serial printers. While using the best technology at the time, these methods were prone to communication errors and paper jams which seriously impacted reliability. Paper copies of tickets had to be stored for future reference and damage investigations. Excavators had to be manually notified that it was safe to dig. In a nutshell, the call-before-you-dig system was a massive paper-based juggling act.

Major advancements in modem and microcontroller technology arrived in the 1980s and now computers could transmit, distribute, complete, and track locate requests via software. PC-based ticket receiving systems began to appear and the shift from paper-based systems began.

In the 1990s, the client-server model of computing became the standard for distributing work. Locate requests were managed end-to-end with business-class servers and networked PCs. These systems received tickets from a one call center, sent them to the appropriate field personnel, and then recorded completion information in a database. This was a very effective solution but client-server computing required an investment in hardware, software, and maintenance in order to run smoothly—as well as expensive upgrades and updates.

When the internet revolution arrived, application-specific methods became possible across the web through Java, Javascript, HTML, Flash and other technologies. It was at this point that Bytronics spent over a year building the industry’s first internet-based One Call Ticket Management System, and the result—DigTrack—was released in 2000.

DigTrack began to replace expensive on-site installations as all functionality could be delivered through a standard web browser. Server hardware was now centralized and accessed as a service—something organizations would come to refer to as SaaS, ASP, and eventually cloud computing.

Since 2000, on-demand software products such as DigTrack have become the standard. DigTrack has adapted and incorporated new browser technologies such as AJAX, HTML5, Xcode, and Silverlight. Enhancements such as photo attachments, video, drawing tools, and integrated GIS have been added and we now provide DigTrack as a mobile solution that is able to easily leverage centralized DigTrack data for even more convenience and efficiency.