locator-solutionsDigTrack is the tool of choice for Contract Locator and Utility Company Partnerships. The goals, problems, needs and budget for every contract is unique. DigTrack is designed and supported by a team of professional developers. Our goal is to provide products and services that strengthen partnerships and facilitate collaboration. By providing seamless access to centralized data, the contractor and utility can work together to monitor the overall operation.

For the contract locator, DigTrack provides a state of the art ticket management and dispatching system with integrated billing. Billing rules are incorporated in order to help the contractor immediately meet and report invoices versus performance. Fifty different custom modules are available to empower damage prevention partners to manage every aspect of the business.

For the utility company, DigTrack.com is a reporting and monitoring tool that also provides prescreening capabilities. Custom dashboards, dual screen dispatching, high profile monitoring, and GIS screening are just a few examples of modules that help utilities collaborate with contractors in a way that saves time and money.

Leveraging decades of damage prevention experience in utility contract locating and our deep understanding of how to accelerate your company using cutting edge technology, our software and support experts excel at streamlining your DigTrack configuration and delivering solutions focused on the critical needs of contractor partnerships.

Contract Locator Benefits:

  • Centralized System for all Sites. A centralized site lowers maintenance costs.
  • Low Startup Costs.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Standardization of Operations
  • Reduced IT Admin
  • Custom Reporting and Dashboards
  • Increased Reliability

Utility Company Benefits

  • Custom Compliance Reporting
  • Ticket Search and Display
  • Dashboard Metrics
  • Automatic Positive Response
  • Screening and Dual Screen Dispatching
  • Billing report
  • Damage reporting and investigation

All you need is a Browser! There is no expensive hardware for the contract locating or utility company to purchase. There is no software that requires annual upgrades. Regional offices run smoothly from our award winning data center.

Because DigTrack.com is backed by Bytronics Inc., you are assured of a solution that will provide not only exceptional performance, but also one that is up and running all day, every day, around the clock.

All server hardware is maintained by Bytronics in a state-of-the art Data Center with total redundancy.

Collaboration is the key to successful damage prevention partnerships. Consider DigTrack