cloud-mobileLocating high profile gas in congested areas requires a careful attention to detail. Documentation is a must. Most utilities and contract locators attach photos and sketches to tickets as they are completed. These static documents are powerful but they still present a challenge if there is a damage. Static documents leave tiny gaps when telling the story of how the locate request was actually completed by the field tech.

Introduced in 2009, the Cloud Video Module provides damage prevention teams with a mass customized video option. Videos can be captured on a variety of inexpensive devices. Depending on size, videos can be directly uploaded or synched later on using the DigTrack Amazon Uploader. This utility saves time when large videos need to be archived. As videos are moved to the cloud they are processed and linked to the completed tickets.

Completed tickets are clearly understood when documented with video. Field techs are the star of the show. Work that was performed to complete a locate request is described and filmed in detail.